If you need additional information about the company, we recommend you to carefully read this section, which is presented in the form of questions and answers.
What does FX-PRIMER do?
FX-PRIMER is one of the leaders at international cryptocurrency investment market, it is engaged in mining and cryptocurrency trade for profit.
Where is FX-PRIMER officially registered?
Since 2016, the company is officially registered in the UK as FX-PRIMER (company number: 10703899) and in Hong Kong under the name of Cryptocom Limited ((company number: 2265193).
How to check the company registration details?
You can find FX-PRIMER in the official list of UK companies: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10703899.
You can check registration in HK on the website https://www.icris.cr.gov.hk/csci
Use company name, in Hong Kong it's registered as Cryptocom Limited under company No: 2265193
For how long do you plan to work?
FX-PRIMER is registered quite recently, so we have a clear development plan for the next 10 years.
How safe are the investments offered by FX-PRIMER?
We make every effort for your deposit to be fully secured and to bring stable income. We can safely call our investments risk-free.
Can I visit your office?
Of course! Despite the fact that we offer online services, you have the opportunity of a personal meeting with the company’s representatives in your country. We can also facilitate your visit to the United Kingdom or Hong Kong, covering all travel costs, provided a certain amount of deposit. For more information, please contact customer support via email.
How to get a FX-PRIMER debit card?
Card issuing is available for a particular group of customers who are active investors with a deposit of 10 Bitcoin or more after the compulsory verification of identity and physical address.